Every team in the MHL played their first match over the last few days and the results were as expected.
However there was one result that is a cause for concern for hockey lovers in the country - the 7-0 hammering that UniKL received at the hands of Terengganu.
Helmed by Arul Selvaraj - known as the super coach, the university squad is one of the teams that virtually trains all year round, the other being TNB.
And the players in the squad are the future stars of Malaysian hockey as many are either from the last Junior World Cup squad or will make the grade for the 2016 Junior Witld Cup squad.
And not only they have Arul guiding them but also they are lucky to have Mirnawan Nawawi as a consultant to the team.
Thus the 0-7 trashing UniKL received will surely send concern looks throughout the hockey fraternity and questions are bound to be raised should the team get pulverized in the MHL.
In the past there have been minnow teams in the MHL - the likes of JPA, MPS, MPK, PKNS, MPPP and MPKT. These teams lacked stars but had good young and experienced players at the helm. And one cannot recall them getting hammered into submission as what UniKl suffered.
There will be a counter argument that Terengganu are a squad laden with stars, but so has UniKL.
The stark difference is playing with passion and the right tactics, and obviously with all the King's men, UniKL lacked the latter.
At times it's not all about the architect that builds a building but the efforts put in by those supporting him / the surveyor, the designer, the engineer and the contractor.
Hence UniKL needs to get rid of the "I" mentality failing which their season is doomed before it could even get off, akin to the failed shuttle launch a few days ago.
It pays well to remain humble, to pick up the pieces and build from failures and not pay too much emphasis on the undertakers that dress well but are really nothing but well dressed guys that we used to see on lorries as hired help to cry at funerals of the wealthy.
The verdict after the first three matches is best summed up what a MHC staff told someone - the reporters should not get makan and do their work. So I am doing just that - calling a spade a spade.



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