Many teams have remarked that this year's MHL is one of the worst ever in terms of organisation and it is indeed baffling as to why the title sponsors Tenaga Nasional Berhad are largely keeping quiet about it.

On March 2, the teams were called in for a briefing with the format and dates clearly spelt out and on March 9 the teams were given the match schedule. Save for one or two changes, it was all systems go with the final slated for may 18 .

Then the first week of matches was moved because of haze, and only on Wednesday was it revealed the new set of fixtures, also taking into account the matches postponed for the Azlan Shah Cup Final on March 23.

But these new fixtures does not make sense at all.

Given that MHC postponed at the last minute the matches on March 23 to accommodate the Azlan Shah cup final, it is strange that they could not care less that Malaysia, in particular Kuantan, the hometown of the MHC President is hosting the Champions Challenge 1 Tournament.

The Champions Challenge is a far more important tournament then the Azlan Shah Cup as not nay does it offer a place in the Champions Trophy but more importantly it offers ranking points and Malaysia wants to move out of the 13th position it has occupied for far too long.

So why are matches scheduled from April 26 till May 4, when there is the Champions Challenge.

But presto, MHC goes one step further at it has now scheduled the quarterfinals on May 2 and May 4, knowing very well that the Champions Challenge final is on May 4, or is it that certain factions with MHC have no faith in Malaysia making the top four of the Champions Challenge.

And for teams in the MHL< they will need to play five matches in a space of 9 days as the final of the MHL is now slated on May 11, moved forward with no consent from the teams as initial agreed at the meetings on March 2 and March 9.

And to make it more interesting, the last matches for the Women's League is on April 20, with the final on May 11, so teams will have to wait 20  days before playing the final, indeed a fantastic arrangement by someone who probably never managed a club side in his life as he fails to realise the financial implications.

And talking about sponsors, not a word of the MHL has appeared in any newspaper for the past four weeks so how is TNB expected to received any return of investment that was promised to them? Or will it be a case of playing with numbers and coming out with a report that will send smiles across the boardroom, after all who plays the check and balance.

And saving the best for last, the match between Terengganu and SSTMI, according to the MHC schedule released on Tuesday, pits the two teams to play on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4. Someone please give them a calendar as APRIL 4 is a FRIDAY while the WEDNESDAY is April 2.

Maybe it was MHC'sway of playing an APRIL FOOLS joke.



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