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Teams participating in the Division One and Womens League of the Malaysian Hockey League are upset with the shabby manner in which the league is being administrated.

And the brunt of their complaints stems from the frequent postponements and lack of direction the MHL is heading given that the MHC Competitions Committee has not come up with the dates for the postponed matches.


The MHL got off to a bad start when the matches on the first day were postponed due to haze in the Klang Valley and then out of the blues MHC decided to postpone the matches on March 23 supposedly for the final of the Azlan Shah Cup.

Thus some teams are now facing a back log of two matches and they fear that with the upcoming Champions Challenge 1, MHC might serve them another surprise by moving more matches to accommodate that event as well.

"It is downright silly that matches were moved for the Azlan Shah Cup final. That is so unprofessional of MHC as the tournament should run as scheduled, not postpone matches at the last minute whe this was already discussed at the managers meeting," said an irate coach.

"Ho long are we going to be at the mercy of such actions. By right MHC should have already fixed the dates for the matches that were affected by the haze but chose not to do so for reasons best known to them.

"Either those running competitions have no clue how to do so or are just ignorant of the fact that teams have a lot of logistics to be taken care of and not be ready to play when MHC decides to do so/

"We hope this is the last we hear of postponements and want the matches that are scheduled to be played to go on as the fixtures are."

Not only was there these two postponements, but it is also learnt that with the national women team players to be sent to play in the AHF Indoor Championships in Kazakhstan from April 7, the matches of the Women's League will also see some changes.

Initially the women's league was to be completed within 3 weeks but on March 18 the MHC opted t make changes, thereby holding the final smack in the middle of the Champions Challenge.

But now with the national team going to Kazakhstan, some matches over the two weekends from April 7 will have to be rescheduled, hence the league may have to be extended.



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