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Many may not be aware but there was a match in Johor Baru yesterday between SSTMI and Terengganu. However it was rained off after 20 minutes of play and the two teams were told that a decision will be made by the MHC Technical Committee.


now such a simple decision requires a group of people to decide is indeed amazing as the simple thing would have been to get the two teams to play later that night as Taman Daya has floodlights or even play the next day as there are no matches on Sunday

which brings us to another question,when will the matches postponed for the haze be played and when will the matches postponed by the Azlan Shah Final be played? Surely that does not require a meeting as well since no meeting was held to postpone them in the first place.

and when will the committee realize that they have fixed matches during the Champions Challenge as well?



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