The Selangor Sukma squad may have lost 6-0 to tournament favourites Tenaga Nasional Berhad in their opening match last Sunday. But they are on a learning mission, hoping to reap rewards at the Malaysian Games in Perlis this May.

Hence The Selangor Hockey Association, which has set a target of finishing in the top eight of Division One are not too concerned about the result but are focussing on a larger picture.


"One of the key successes of the Selangor U21 team was early preparation since June last year We formed the Project 2014 team with the long term goal to reach the finals of SUKMA 2014. The Selangor Div 2 Razak Cup Team had 8 players from the U21 squad<' said Selangor HA Secretary P. Kuganeson.

"We subscribed to the policy of exposing players, letting the good players go and play for other team and exposing the remainder. That worked for us when the U21 squad was was fielded in the Div 1 Selangor Hockey League and played some tough matches and they won 3 matches lost 2 and drew 1.

"In the current TNBMHL2014 there are players from the Selangor SUKMA Squad playing for other teams Sapura - Harmesh Singh, UniKL - Mohammad Hafif Elkan, UniKL - Muhammad Haikal Zamri andSSTMI - Amir Zulkarnain Ahmad Robangi

"The remainder we keep together to expose them in the TNBMHL2014 and bringing some senior players to guide the team"



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