Last season Malacca Municipal Council completed their fixtures a month early and watched in agony as their chances of promotion into the Premier Division vanished into thin air as the other teams knew exactly what to do.

That was something coach V. Sasidharan could not understand as the uneven distribution of matches cost his team a chance of making the knock out stages for the overall title.

And this season it is no different as Sasidharan and his team will have to wait a month after the opening weekend of matches before resuming their challenge in the MHL.

MMC will open their campaign against USM on Friday before taking on DBI on Sunday. The teams, for reasons known best to MHF, will then take a break of almost a month before resuming action.

"I really do not know why there needs to be such a long break in between the matches. We went through the same problem last year and looks like its the same o;d story this time around." said Sasidharan who has been coaching teams in the MHL and MJHL from 1999.

"If there is any consolation, then it has to be that the break is early in the season but this could have been avoided with a later start or proper distribution of matches."

Sasidharan said that the MMC team had been training for the past month and were ready for the challenges that lie ahead in their quest for promotion.

"The two divisions clearly show the different standards of teams but the younger and inexperienced players have a point to prove as a good performance could land them lucrative offers on the top flight for the following seasons," contends Sasidharan.

MMC will be depending on season hands in the likes of Zaharin Zakaria, Mohd Syarim Uda Karim and Faizal Maadon to spearhead their challenge in Division One.

And Sasidharan said that their trip up north this weekend is akin to wading into the unknown as they were not aware on the quality of their opponents.

"Unlike the top flight where one knows the opponents based on their team list alone, the teams in this division will only be aware of the quality of their opponents after the first few matches as they are all evenly matched," said Sasidharan.

"So getting four points after the dust settles this weekend should be something we will be happy about."



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