KUALA LUMPUR: Not many would have noticed that one of the umpires in the match between Maybank and UniKL was not a Malaysian.

In fact, he is Seketu Khabaria from Singapore.

This is the first time an umpire from across the causeway has officiated in the Malaysia Hockey League (MHL). He will also take charge of today’s match between Sapura and UiTM.

This has come about due to an exchange programme between the MHF and their Singapore counterparts.

MHF secrertary Maninderjit Singh said that the exchange programme allowed umpires from either side to officiate in matches to gain experience.

“These umpires must be of international class. By blowing in these competitions the umpires will get a chance to taste the different competition and in some cases learn from their opposite numbers. We to will also send local umpires to Singapore when there is major league match,” he said.

These exchange of umpires will also ensure that there are enough top officials for the major domestic league.

Seketu’s progress will be closely followed as a good performance could lead to more Singapore umpires coming here since there are big matches held each month.

The MHL will end on Oct 23 and it remains to be seen if Seketu will be on duty until the final day.

His presence has certainly added a bit of glamour to the umpring section and also give the impression of a neutral umpire in charge.



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