KUALA LUMPUR: Two hockey players have failed dope tests and have been suspended by their team pending further action by the Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF).

The two players, who played for Universiti Kuala Lumpur in the Premier Division of the Malaysia Hockey League (MHL), were left out of the team when UniKL played Maybank on Friday.

The team were informed of the test results by the MHF on Sept 27. The MHF are expected to call for a disciplinary hearing to decide on any further punishment to be meted out. It is likely that they will be banned for two years. The names of the two players have been put on hold since they have indicated that they will appeal the suspension and may ask for another test to be carried out.

The players were tested positive after the UniKL-UiTM match on Sept 18 at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil. It was the opening match for the two teams in the MHL this year.

Three players from each side were picked for random testing by the doping unit of the National Sports Institute (NSI) after the match on Sept 18.

Random dope testing in hockey tournaments has become a norm since 2009.

Before the present incident, three players have tested positive for dope.

One player from Sapura was banned two years after a disciplinary hearing last year. He failed a dope test during the MHL last year.

And two Pahang players tested positive during the Sukma in Malacca last year but they have yet to be punished.

The MHF have said that the Sukma come under the National Sports Council’s (NSC) jurisdiction and it is up to them to make the first move.

All three players tested positive for the use of recreation drugs. The two players tested positive in the present case also used similar drugs. It is learnt that no hockey player has been caught for performance- enhancing drugs.

This is the first time that test results have come back early and the MHF have acted swiftly to ban the players.

MHF secretary Maninderjit Singh, who confirmed that two UniKL players have tested positive, said testings would continue and all help will be given to the unit from NSI to carry out their duties.

“We are serious in wanting to keep the sport clean and we will ensure that action is taken quickly. In all cases we will follow the procedures set down by the international federation,” he added.



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