A rose amongst the thorns is the best way to describe Diana Salwa Ideris, the physiotherapist of the Sapura team in the ongoing Malaysian Hockey League. Many would have seen her in action, be it at the stadiums or in your living room on television, as Diana sprints across the pitch to render treatment to the players. Her involvement in hockey was by chance and she has never looked back since. Professional, articulate and downright frank and her attributes as she shares her life and thoughts with the website….


Question: How did you get involved with hockey?

Diana: I was doing my practical in MSN Perak when they sent me to be the Sport First Aider to look after the Indoor hockey league as the MSN Perak collaborated with the Perak HA in organizing the competition. A few weeks later I was approached by Redzuan Ponirin to help out with the national team participating in the AHF Indoor Championships

Question: Tell us a bit about yourself and why you opted for physiotherapy?

Diana: I was raised and grew up in Ipoh. My primary education was at SRK Tarcisian Convent while I went to SMK Tarcisian Convent Ipoh (TCS) until my SPM. Thereafter I applied and was accepted into Universiti Teknology Mara (UiTM) in Arau, Perlis Campus taking Diploma in Sports Study. As they say there can be no end to knowledge so at present I still study, pursuing the Bachelor of Sport Science (Hons.), majoring in Fitness and Science in UiTM, Shah Alam. I am the youngest among four siblings. I opted for physiotherapy because I really love to help people in recovering injuries that occur and seeing them get back to the normal life, overcoming the pain, makes me feel accomplished.

Question: What are your likes and dislikes in life?

Diana: I like sports because I used to be a sprinter, played handball and softball. But after I tore my ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) in the right knee and having some discoid meniscus in both knees, I decided to quit sports. My pastimes are listening to music and surfing the Internet.

Question: What sports do you like and your favorite sportsperson?


Diana: I love softball as I used to play the sport. But hockey is my new love since my involvement as 1st aider for state indoor event. Now I realize that hockey is such an interesting sport. My favourite sportsperson would be Nicole Ann David, as I really adore her passion in squash. Just look at her ability to maintain her world number one position. That should be a motivating factor for all of us.

Question: If you were not a Physiotherapist, what would you be?

Diana: If I was not a physiotherapist, I might have ended up as a gym instructor or anything to do with sports. My journey in sports would have continued, albeit in other areas, but more importantly it was a career in sports that has been my ambition.

Question: Basically with a squad of 22 to look after, how do you manage then especially since you are a lady?

Diana: I try my best to protect them from injury before it happens. I try to remember all the injured parts that each of the player so that I will be able to help them on what to do before, during and after the training/game. This is vital so as to minimize the risks and avoid aggravating the injury. I also advise them on what to do when they are at home to help the injury recover faster. In physiotherapy, there is no difference being a man or a lady because the aim is to ensure recovery.

Question: What are your dreams and aspirations in life?

Diana: My dreams would be to master all sports injury management and to be a perfect athletic trainer. My parents give me their full support in everything I do. For they have said that I am the one who is going to undergo the path of my life to survive. On their part they can provide the knowledge and the support for me to climb the stairs of life. So it’s vital that I do what I love to do so that there would be no regrets later on.




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