There is no logic as to why MHF refuse to change the fixtures of the Malaysian Hockey League save for the fact that it was raised by this website and agreed by the President of the MHF at a press conference on December 13.


The blunder was there for every one to see at the TNB v ATM-Airod match last Sunday at the Tun Razak Stadium when play had to be stopped twice to re-water the pitch that dried up in several places. As a matter of fact, when watching the delayed telecast of the match that same night, it was quite obvious that the searing heat made the pitch dry up faster then usual.

Playing matches at 6.00pm and 8.00pm, especially on Friday's has it advantages and it is baffling that MHF opt to see things differently due to its arrogance rather then for the benefit of the sport.

Providing man of the match awards after the telecast matches is a good thing, but why is it that no announcements are made at the stadium and it is more to cater for the arm chair audience.

Talking about the crowd, there was a bumper crowd at the KLHA Stadium when KLHC played YNS but across town, at the Tun Razak Stadium, there were hardly 50 fans when Nur Insafi played Sapura in the late match. And did anyone notice, that the shock win by Nur Insafi hardly saw a mention in the next days newspapers, no thanks to the failure with regards to getting information to the media.

At the post MHL meeting in March last year it was agreed that lucky draws were factors that helped pull in the crowds, so why was this not done at the Charity Shield or the matches played last weekend?

So, its a multi million ringgit league, but why is it that MHF cannot spend money on having a proper scorebaord at the Tun Razak Stadium and use one that is years old? Where is the branding aspect that TNB prides itself upon?

Of course in terms of matches, the fans are treated with higher quality then last season and the management of the league has somewhat seen improvement. But a request for the match sheets and statistics has fallen on deaf ears.



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